We at TechROi are always looking for the right people, we are therefore interested in those who are still studying. We give you the opportunity during your study to gain valuable work experience while contributing your ideas and knowledge with us. We give you the chance to make your thesis in collaboration with us. Hopefully you have a good idea that you want to present to us, we will happily listen and share ideas about this with you. For more information contact us .


We welcome interns with the condition that we are able to provide meaningful work and the support of a mentor. If you are interested in an internship, please contact us.

Trainee program

Our trainee program started two years ago to bring in new graduate engineers. This has been very successfully and we have recruited many of these trainees. Students start with a three-month trainee program. From the first day, the student begins to work in our team with an experienced engineer mentor. If the student shows potential to become a good engineer with the right attitude towards work, we hire him / her.

For more information contact us