TechROi AB was founded in 1991. The company is comprised of several business areas integrated to provide engineering services across multiple sectors; such as automotive, aerospace, and other manufacturing industries.

Our staff of Technical Consultants have industry knowledge and experience, enabling us to understand and deliver exactly what is required. We challenge ourselves daily to be at the forefront of development and innovation and drive this forward with the service we provide.

Customers rely on our ability to deliver high quality services, which enables us to constantly evolve and improve our own capabilities. We are market-driven, with expertise in technology, engineering markets, skill sets, quality products and information solutions for support across the entire product development process.

We are active in various development-intensive industries, producing the technology of the future. This gives us unique industry expertise, that our customers depend on and our consultants benefit from. Â

Our ambition is to continue to grow in Sweden and Europe. Today we are established in Sweden and the UK.